Infrastructure Facility

  • Furnished Office Space / Co-working space*
  • Shared Resources: Meeting rooms, Conference rooms, Office productivity equipment

Technology and Prototyping Facility

  • Lab/ Innovation & Research /Prototyping Facility of any PCCOE Department/Institute
  • Electricity with Inverter backup (Single Phase, 240 volt, 15A)
  • Internet through Wi-Fi or LAN (with limited website access)

Grant and Funding Support

  • Angel Fund Support : In Pre-Incubation phase, up to Rs 20,000.00*
  • Pre-Seed Fund Support : In Incubation phase up to Rs 50,000.00*
  • Seed Fund Support : In Acceleration Phase, up to Rs.1,00,000.00**

* --> Terms & Conditions Applied (Refer CIIL II&E Policy)